The ‘Women who Dared’ collection consists of over 400 works by female artists, from 7 continents, spanning 2,500 years, and tells the story of grit and perseverance of women in the arts — celebrates their artistic talents.


From powerful portraits to contemplative portrayals, discover artwork featuring diverse women.

Frida by Imogen Cunningham

Imogen Cunningham

Florenze by Lyla Harcoff

Lyla Harcoff

Help Me Lord by Sister Gertrude Morgan
Help Me Lord

Sister Gertrude Morgan

Landscape &

Take in the scenic beauty of this selection of paintings featuring the natural world around us.

Fragrant Flowers by Fu Shangyuan
Fragrant Flowers

Fu Shangyuan
(b. 1933)

Wild Roses by Elizabeth Borglum
Wild Roses

Elizabeth Borglum

Bluebonnets by Ella Mewhinney

Ella Mewhinney


Dive into water-inspired art showing the expressive nature of ripples, waves, and placid stillness.

Sitting on the Breakwater, Panama by Helen Rousseau
Sitting on the Breakwater, Panama

Helen Rousseau

Looking for Wharf by Mai Anh Nguyen
Looking for Wharf

Mai Anh Nguyen
(b. 1961)

View of San Pietro di Castello by Anna Lee Stacey
View of San Pietro di Castello

Anna Lee Stacey

Other Objects

A collection of artworks so unique, they exceed any characterization.

John F. Kennedy by Elaine de Kooning
John F. Kennedy

Elaine de Kooning

Fashion Sketch (Lucille Ball) by Elois Jenssen
Fashion Sketch (Lucille Ball)

Elois Jenssen

Falasha head by Falasha
Falasha head